Joscelyn Sevier - Illustrator
Joscelyn Sevier





Nice to meet you- my name's Joscelyn! I'm an illustrator, visual development artist and creative director in the tech industry. My main focus is digital painting and conceptualizing comic and video game IPs, although I also have experience with interaction design, visual merchandising and project management.

I began my career tracing the covers of video game cases and paused glass television screens, all chubby fingers and crayons. Without any formal art instruction or the money that required, I was a self-trained “maker”. I spent my childhood studying nature and astronomy, observing the way things are constructed and unknowingly developing an eye for design. Now I spend my days imagining up rich worlds of my own.

During my breaks away from rolly-chairs and desks I enjoy reading speculative fiction and walking puppies. I try to keep up to date with the latest future technologies and scientific discoveries as much of that influences my work. I grew up in a gaming household and so I've played all consoles, from board games to PS4, although PC has always been my favourite platform. I am also interested in fashion and surface patterns which allows me to generate costumed characters with a focused narrative. In short, I am always actively pursuing knowledge and trying to make it all relate.


Skills :

Visual Development
Art Direction
Digital & Traditional Painting
Sequential Narration
UI/UX Design
Creative Writing
Client Interfacing
Project & Business Management


Software :

3ds Max
Unreal Engine
Substance Painter