Joscelyn Sevier - Illustrator
Joscelyn Sevier

Ace Academy: Skies of Fury


In the action-packed skies over the Battle of Arras, experience Bloody April of 1917 from the perspective of both British and German pilots fighting for their lives.

With a visual aesthetic inspired by vintage comics, Ace Academy: Skies Of Fury is a mobile game which features stunning WW1 planes, epic aerial combat, and beautifully hand-crafted environments.

Roles & Responsibilities

Roles & Responsibilities

Credited as a Producer / Artist, I was the lead on project management, team communication and client interfacing. I worked regularly in the trenches alongside programmers, 3D modelers, animators, tech artists, audio engineers, translators, investors and stakeholders. 

Also responsible for numerous creative direction tasks, I coordinated between various departments of the studio to ensure that the game was represented consistently. I created the game poster and app icon, as well as concept art for in-game animations. I also art directed the games' marketing imagery, trailer and comic pages.

Marketing Key Art

Marketing Key Art

This marketing key art was created for the game cover as well as a 6-ft tall banner inside the Canada Aviation & Space Museum.

App Icon

App Icon

The top image is an early process shot.

The bottom image is the final app store icon.

Process Work

Process Work

Starting with black and white sketches, I slowly refine composition, values and add colour. Working through iterations, I'm able to experiment with various ideas before spending too much time executing them.

For Skies of Fury, I invested a lot of time researching and reading up on media from WW1, including old war-time comics, aviation paintings and historical documents provided by our museum clients.