Flap n Fly


Flap n Fly is a mobile game that puts a spin on the traditional Flappy Bird game by being branded for Fiesta Insurance. The client’s company is based out of the US and their primary demographic are Latin Americans, so the company wanted to appeal to them by placing their character, Max, into mayan ruins. The game was to be installed on tablets located at the insurance offices, so that parents could spend more time discussing their policies and accounts while their children were entertained.

I was subcontracted by Globacore to create the character design and sprite animations for Max, as well as the environment assets and props. I was given a two week turnaround time for this project and had a lot of fun creating the stylized assets.



2D Artist/Animator


Android + iOS


Photoshop, Illustrator


Designing Max

The client already had a logo and a mascot that they were happy with, so I needed to create a character design that worked for the functionality of the game, but also fit with the client’s established universe. I took their brand colours and aesthetic and tried to make Max feel more friendly, with softer curves, rounded edges and bright eyes. The development team discussed different options for how Max could fly, and we experimented with different ideas like parachutes and mechanical wings until we landed on: just using Max’s real wings!


Environment Assets

The game required a few interactive assets for the environment, including these pillars which Max needed to weave his way through. The pillars are Mayan inspired, however I sketched out some variations to for the client to choose how formal or destroyed they should look.