Salem’s Ashes


Salem's Ashes is about a woman persecuted for being a suspected witch. This game level was built in Unreal 4 by a team of 8 artists over 5 weeks for Seneca College's Game Art & Animation program.

This was part of our program’s end-of-the-year project. I was nominated by our professors to lead the project management and organization of the game level as the Producer. I created detailed documentation, art direction guides, schedules, 3D environment assets, and recorded and edited the final demo video. I helped organize a field trip to gather historical information and high-res reference photos from Black Creek Pioneer Village. This helped inform our story and allowed it to feel as realistic (and haunting) as possible.



Producer, Concept Artist, 3D Artist




Unreal, 3ds Max, Substance Painter + Designer


Concept Art

I created mood boards using the reference images gathered at Pioneer Village. I used them to create concept art that helped us define the layout of the room, as well as the look and feel in terms of how gritty, dirty and used everything should feel. There was a very specific time period we were going for, so the Art Director and I both drove our team nuts by being meticulous about every little detail- if a chair leg had the wrong ornamentation or shape, we’d show them examples of the 17th century chair legs we were going for.


3D Environment Assets

I created environment assets in 3ds Max and Zbrush, and textured them in Substance Painter. I ensured my assets would work correctly once placed into the engine by making their pivot point 0, 0, 0, making sure the measurement scale was the same as the Unreal engine scene, and testing myself before sending off to the World Builder to integrate.


Storyboarding & Video Editing

I collaborated with our animators and Unreal engine specialists to ensure the trailer video would be feasible to create. I helped create the storyboard and figure out how to best tell the story of the witch in our trailer. I filmed the shots using Unreal engine’s Sequencer, and edited the video in Premiere Pro and After Effects. I also subcontracted my fiance to do some custom music and sound design for the final video, as we noticed many classes previous to us had used free stock music. We wanted our class’ video to feel uniquely raw and unsettling.